Ensuring you our work will be helpful for your business/organization. Definitely your business is running well, your running process is unique and all of your employees are honest and hard worker. We work to increase client/customer services, employee productivity, minimize costing, minimize system loss (cash flow), finding running processs lack and remove if any exists.

We also work to find out more service area of your organization and minimize your consumable office costing.

We ensure that never we claim about your employee. Just we work to minimize incidence and system loss. Never we disclose business policy, running process and others confidential matter to another. Your business confidential is AMANAT to us.

We have an experienced team who will work with your process and will find out lack (if any) and will give you some solution for per lack from where you can chose your best. Be our honorable partner, increase your service and minimize your system loss. We have zero tolerance about system loss (corporation).

Your organizations development is our dream.



On your organizations accounts is handling by your honest employee, supply chain management is handling by another honest employee, customer / client service department is handling by smart and hard worker employee, your billing department is handling by another honest employee as same your others department is handling by right person. But on your handling process has a bug which is effective on rush time. Because in rush time your employee felt presser. As result incidences occur possibility is high. So you have to remove bug and increase employees productivity because all bugs are directly effective to yours accounts. All bugs are harmful to you or to your customer/client.

We told bugs are two types. First is actually systems/processs bug and second is intentionally created bug (for week working process). Both bugs are harmful to your organization. Second bug is more harmful for your organization because your employee spent time to find out lack and create bug. As a result your account effect and employee productivity decrease or your customer/client is looser or both. Firstly we try to find first (system/process) bug, secondly we find possibility to create bug finally we remove all bug and block all possibility to create bug.

Our working process

We work on department basis, according to your organizations department firstly we make a emphasis serial which are interrelated to each other. Then our department consultants assistant physically work with your department and note down various type of point and make a lot of questions to your department in-charge according to our consultant requirements. Our consultant works in house with this data and make report sheet about this department which data sheet contain all bugs, point of lacks, possibility alternate process and so on and finally we will deliver it and make brief all of this report. If our consultant fell need to visit your department then he/she will make visit.

Working Day Slot (Per Department)

#Note: According working volume this schedule may be change able. Untitled-1 copy

Our Works Outcomes

The following outcomes are typically achieved from our work:

01. Bug less working process.

02. Accuracy and clear accounts statement.

03. Services area development.

04. Minimize system loss possibility.

05. Stronger financial management, analysis and decisions.

06. Stronger marketing, including research, advertising and promotions.

07. Enhanced credibility and image among CLIENTS/CUSTOMER.

08. Overall, more proactive direction-setting, decision-making and problem-solving.

09. Minimized office costing.


Development and Approval of Strategic Plan Document (If bug are detected and authority agree to implement our solution)

1. Drafting Strategic Plan document

2. Review by Board or senior management or authority

3. Approval by Board of Directors or authorization person


Never have we demanded a lot of cost for our task. We calculated cost according to numbers of department. For every department 95,000/= Tk. only.

1. Working process observation by assistant

2. Consultant work (make data sheet)

3. Brief with data sheet

4. Develop action plans and resource needs

5. Implement new plan

Terms & Condition:

1. Our submitted working process plan is only applicable for your organization you will not send it to another.

2. Only director /senior level will get all report copy.

3. 50% of calculated amount is paid with work order.

4. 50% of rest amount will paid after submitted report.


We offered you first one department we will do with out advance payment.