what level of blood sugar is dangerous - diabetes normal range by age

Many of us are more or less familiar with the patient called diabetes, but this disease is seen at a high rate in people of different ages these days. Diabetes is a well-known but very complex disease. Due to the lack of proper knowledge about this disease, many times we are in danger. So today I will tell you how what level of blood sugar is dangerous and diabetes normal range by age.

At present, the number of diabetes patients is increasing due to various reasons such as consumption of healthy food, use of excess pesticides in food production, stress and irregular lifestyle. You know that diabetes is a very common disease but it is a very complicated disease, so everyone needs to know  about this disease because if you are unaware of diabetes, it can be dangerous. So now i will tell you , what level of blood sugar is dangerous , diabetes normal range by age and how to prevent diabetes. You must read the post to know these important facts about diabetes.

what level of blood sugar is dangerous

Everyone who is suffering from diabetes should know the dangers of diabetes. Diabetes means that the blood sugar or sugar level is higher than normal, diabetic patients should always try to control diabetes because if the level becomes excessive in diabetes, can be a serious danger. Thinking about the awareness of diabetic patients, today I will tell you what level of blood sugar is dangerous. Those who don't know about the dangers of diabetes must know it well, because being unaware of it can lead to serious dangers.

High blood glucose levels are very dangerous for diabetics. Those who have been suffering from diabetes for a long time and every diabetic should know that blood glucose levels above 300 mg/dl can be dangerous for the patients and lead to a major disaster. According to a report by the American Diabetes Association. Also, if the HBAC test is 6.5 or higher and blood sugar is 16.7 mmol or higher, this level is a danger signal for diabetics.

Let us explain the answer to this question in a simple way, you may know that diabetes test is done in two steps to check diabetes correctly. During the diabetes test, the first step is done without food for a long period of 8 hours and the second step is blood test after two hours of eating to accurately determine the level of diabetes in the body. If blood sugar level is 5.7 or around during diabetes test on full stomach or after eating then it is normal and if diabetes level is 6.5 or more then it is very dangerous for the patient. I think , you understand what level of blood sugar is dangerous

how to prevent diabetes

Those of you who are diabetics and those who have diabetics at home should know the ways to control diabetes quickly because if diabetes increases, if urgent measures are not taken, danger may occur. So today I will tell you about the ways to control diabetes quickly. . Let's know the ways to control diabetes quickly without delay. Below are ways to control diabetes quickly for you.

Taking insulin: The easiest and most effective way to quickly control diabetes is to take insulin. If your diabetes level is high or dangerous, you should take insulin as soon as possible to reverse diabetes.

Drink water: If diabetes gets worse, try to drink water every once in a while, as water helps flush out excess sugar in the body through urination and keeps blood sugar levels under control.

Take a brisk walk: If you have diabetes, trying to walk at a brisk pace will help your body burn excess calories and increase the effectiveness of insulin, as brisk walking helps increase insulin sensitivity by increasing the heart rate and blood circulation in the body.

Consume Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple Cider Vinegar is a very beneficial drink to reduce diabetes fast. Apple cider vinegar keeps the sugar label in check by regulating blood sugar levels.

Aloe vera juice: If diabetes increases, collect gel from aloe vera leaves and mix aloe vera juice and honey in lukewarm water and eat it. This juice will help control diabetes quickly.

Guava leaves: Due to the presence of phenolic compounds in guava leaves, it does not allow our body's sugar levels to rise, so if diabetic patients eat guava leaves, diabetes is under control due to low sugar levels in the body.

Neem Leaf Juice: Neem leaf juice plays a special role in reducing the sugar level in the body quickly and controlling diabetes. If diabetic patients can drink neem leaf juice in the morning on an empty stomach with little effort then it is expected to be very helpful in controlling the diabetes level or it works better if mixed with neem leaf juice and pepper powder.

Sugar levels: Sugar levels do not increase the level of sugar in the body, so if diabetic patients can eat Sugar levels every day, then the amount of sugar in their body will not increase and diabetes will quickly come under control.

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Drink coffee: Coffee helps to prevent diabetes as well as reduce diabetes quickly. Studies have shown that the glucose levels in the body decrease due to consumption of coffee, therefore regular consumption of coffee keeps diabetes under control. Coffee also contains clonzenic acid which acts as an anti-oxygen in our body. This chlorogenic acid inhibits intracellular glucose absorption and improves insulin sensitivity.

Canned water: Along with high blood pressure, canned water also plays a role in controlling diabetes, because we already know that the ingredients in canned water can keep our body's sugar level. And because the level of shortness of the body is at a controlled level, the water of the tub also plays a special role in controlling diabetes.

Turmeric: Due to the anti-diabetic content of turmeric, it helps in reducing the sugar level in the body and thereby plays a special role in controlling diabetes quickly.

Cinnamon: Another great effective ingredient to reduce diabetes quickly is cinnamon. Eating cinnamon reduces blood sugar levels by about 30%. So, if diabetes increases, mix cinnamon powder with warm water and drink it.

Fiber: If diabetes increases, try to eat foods containing fiber because foods containing fiber help control blood sugar levels or glucose levels.

Reduce stress: Stress helps to increase the level of diabetes. So, if diabetes increases, try to be stress-free, because it is important to be stress-free for diabetes quickly.

Get enough sleep: Sleep is very important for people's physical health. Therefore, if you have a lack of sleep, diabetes will increase, and if the level of sugar in the blood rises, you need to sleep enough to get rid of it quickly.

Also, bay leaves, cardamom, cloves, fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds are especially helpful in controlling diabetes.

diabetes normal range by age

How much diabetes is normal is very important for diabetics and those who are at risk of diabetes to know. Because if you know how much diabetes is normal, then you can easily understand how much diabetes should be kept for your body. Most of you may not know how much diabetes is normal. So today I will tell you how much diabetes is normal.

If your blood sugar level is 80-100 on an empty stomach and 130-140 or a little more than two hours after a meal, then there is no reason to worry because this blood sugar level is normal. . But if you think your blood sugar level on an empty stomach is 70 or 80 and the diabetes level on a full stomach is 170 or 180, then this level of diabetes is not considered normal because there is a huge gap between the level of diabetes on an empty stomach and on a full stomach.

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If we try to explain it in a simpler way, it should be said that if there is not much difference between the fasting and full stomach diabetes levels, then there is no reason to worry and if the difference between the diabetes levels before and after food is more then it is normal. No and in that case a doctor should be consulted. Diabetes can occur in people of different ages. So there is some variation in the normal range of diabetes depending on the age. Now I will tell you how much diabetes is considered normal depending on the age.

  • A blood sugar level of 110-120 mg/dl is normal for children aged 0-5 years.
  • A sugar range of 100 - 180 mg/dl is normal for 6 - 12 year old.
  • Normal blood sugar level for 13-17 year old boys and girls is 90-150 mg/dl.
  • The normal range of blood sugar levels in the body from 18 to above is - 99 mg/dl on an empty stomach and 140 mg/dl on a full stomach.
  • Normal postprandial blood sugar level for adults 40 and above is 130 mg/dl and fasting blood sugar level is 90 mg/dl. 

Lastly , After reading the post, you must understand how difficult and complicated diabetes is diabetes and what level of blood sugar is dangerous . So be aware of this disease from the beginning because the disease called diabetes can lead to your death due to ignorance. And those who are diabetics try to keep a device called glucometer at home to check the level of regular diabetes in addition to following the medical instructions, so that you can check your diabetes level at least once a day and take necessary measures as well as notice its changes.

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